This is just a quick note to announce the open-source release of the lentil
project[1], which is extracted from the My #HuntLibrary[2][3] photography
(i.e. Instagram) social media collection and preservation project.

My #HuntLibrary was created as a platform to foster student and community
engagement with the new James B. Hunt Jr. library via social media imagery
and to preserve these images as part of the record of the Hunt Library
launch. Images from this crowdsourced documentation effort will be selected
to become part of our permanent digital collections, allowing the NCSU
community to contribute to the historical record of the Hunt Library
through image submissions as well as the use of voting tools. Cory Lown and
I presented a lightning talk[4] at Code4Lib 2013 about this project and
heard from several folks who were curious about implementing a similar

lentil is a Ruby on Rails gem that provides a straightforward way to create
a similar service on a Rails-capable web server. Special thanks to Jason
Ronallo for the Rails Engine extraction and packaging, and for showing that
a lentil-based project can be deployed to Heroku.

Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas, or if you give
lentil a try.