I just did an afternoon makerspaces in libraries workshop for 20 yesterday.
We had too much and didn't get through it all , but we had a 3d printer
demo, an exercise for an arduino, a raspberry pi and a library box to look
at, and we made bristlebots. We wanted to let folks explore thingiverse and
play with sketchup too but there just wasn't time. Just having the tech in
the room for people to touch seemed to go over well, even if we didn't get
to all the exercises or discussions. We also had a resource document and
activity docs for the participants to take away.

Good luck with yours!


On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 9:30 AM, Edward Iglesias
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> Hello All,
> I have the unlikely distinction of getting to offer a 1 day workshop on
> Makerspaces in libraries.  I have a general idea of how it's going to go
> --morning theory afternoon hands on -- but am a little overwhelmed by the
> possibilities.  My first thought was to show them how to use a Raspberry Pi
> but that would require them all to buy a Raspberry Pi.  I am open to
> suggestions on what would be worth learning that is hands on and preferably
> cheap for a group of around 20.  What would you teach/learn in an afternoon
> given the chance?
> Edward Iglesias


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