Just getting started with our search, so I figured it would make sense to 
toss this query to y'all:

I have a faculty who has been tasked with setting up a knowledge base of 
facts geared towards students who will be sitting a standardized subject 
exam. The nature of this exam is such that folks typically spend a 
loooonng time prepping for it and have to review a dizzying array of 
material. Because of this, this resource will be big and possibly kind of 
unwieldy. I need something that will allow for: a few thousand short 
"articles" about different topics, multiple contributors/editors for those 
articles, decent support for full-text searching as well as  reasonable 
support for creation/maintenance/search of whatever metadata scheme that 
makes sense once this thing starts to come together.

Any ideas on where to start looking? Use a commercial help-desk-oriented 
package? Self-host a wiki instance? Try to hack something together 
in-house using a CMS? Any thoughts would be most welcome....

Ed Sperr, M.L.I.S.
Copyright and Electronic Resources Officer
St. George's University
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