We also use the Open Library Internet Archive BookReader as one of our book
viewers at Brown.

Another option we've adapted is Portfolio.js which we call the Portfolio
This is our current solution for large books with occasional irregularly
sized page.

Happy to answer questions.


Joseph Rhoads
Digital Repository Manager
Brown University Library

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 3:24 PM, Hicks, William <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> We are using it in an edit app on the admin side of the digital libraries
> @ UNT.
> On an expanded note.  Does anyone have some success they can share in
> regards to serving materials through bookreader where the contained pages
> of a single item have variable widths and/or heights? Building off the demo
> assumes a fixed width/height ratio, which in our experience is not always
> the case (consider the book with the occasional map foldout).
> In our case we do not know an image's dimensions until it has loaded so we
> can't construct an array on the server side to lookup against, and doing so
> on page load would charge us a significant penalty for large items (books
> with 1000s of pages). My current hack has "auto" filled to the width, which
> breaks centering and thumbs, but renders the odd page as legible.
> So any thoughts/ideas? Thanks in advance!
> Will
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> We use this software at the University of Chicago Library as well:
> i08/mvol-0010-v005-i08.xml;brand=default#page/1/mode/1up
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> >Hello Everyone, is anybody using the Open Library Internet Archive
> >BookReader for page turning?