Can anyone provide instructions as to the current address of the 
shibboleth-users listserv?

I think I've managed to subscribe to the shibboleth-users listserv 
mentioned at:

Actually, I was already subscribed, but had delivery turned off. I 
managed to recover my password and turn delivery back on just now. I think.

But I can't figure out what email address to send to to send an email to 
the list.

Sending email to [log in to unmask] bounces back as 

How do I send an email to the shibboleth-users listserv I think I am 
succesfully subscribed to? Have I even found the right shibboleth-users 
listserv? (Googling there's like 5 of them).

Anyone have any idea? Thanks for any advice!  I have been unsuccesful 
figuring this out on the website or googling, apologies 
if i'm missing something obvious.