On 18/05/13 01:51, Tim McGeary wrote:
> There is no easy answer for this, so I'm looking for discussion.
>     - Should we begin considering a cooperative project that focuses on
>     emulation, where we could archive projects that emulate the system
>     environment they were built?
>     - Do we set policy that these types of projects last for as long as they
>     can, and once they break they are pulled down?
>     - Do we set policy that supports these projects for a certain period of
>     time and then deliver the application, files, and databases to the faculty
>     member to find their own support?
>     - Do we look for a solution like the Way Back Machine of the Internet
>     Archive to try to present some static / flat presentation of these project?

Actually, there is an easy answer to this.

Make sure that the collection is aligned with broader institutional 
priorities to ensure that if/when staff and funding priorities move 
elsewhere that there is some group / community with a clear interest 
and/or mandate in keeping the collection at least on life support, if 
not thriving.

Google "collections policy" for what written statements of this might 
look like.

Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services