Roy Tennant wrote:
> Is anyone working with a BeagleBone Black? [1] Or some other
> Beagleboard? In perhaps a cart-before-the-horse kind of way, I'd love
> to do a project with one but I'm having a hard time thinking of a
> really good application. So I'd be interested to hear about the kinds
> of things folks are doing with these.

you can run archiveteam_warrior[1] on it and contribute to archiveteam
to save dying sites. you don't need high cpu power and also few gb for
disk space are enough (the script crawl the site, packs in warc format,
and upload it via rsync to a remote server, deleting your local copy)

to install follow this instructions[2], you don't need the virtual machine

my choice for buying is gone for wandboard[3] other than beaglebone.
it costs twice, but specs supersedes beagle or raspberry.
i'm waiting my package. the first thing i'll do is check power
consumption to understand if it costs less or more than a virtual server
in the cloud