####  Position Summary

Hypothesis is seeking a developer and pragmatic dreamer who cares about
community, code quality and usability to help a well-funded, not-for-profit
initiative deliver on the long-sought-after dream of an annotated Web by
producing great Open Source software. Our current stack is Pyramid,
Angular.js, PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch; however familiarity with these tools
is not a requirement.

The team is based in San Francisco but remote applicants are encouraged to

####  Requirements and responsibilities

  * Produce quality software for Hypothesis Open Source projects.
  * Drive technical design and execution through the full product life-cycle as a core member of the Hypothesis development team.
  * Coordinate with a small, distributed group of ambitious team members, independent contributors and others working on related projects.
  * Full time availability.

####  Ideal background

  * Demonstrated commitment to, and interest in contributing to, Free or Open Source Software (F/OSS)
  * Experience in distributed collaboration using git, mailing lists, and issue tracking software
  * Strong programming fundamentals and extensive experience with either JavaScript or Python (full-stack experience a plus)
  * Experience with at least one modern web development framework on either the front or back end a plus: Pyramid or Flask; Angular.JS, Backbone or Knockout; or popular frameworks in other languages (Rails, Express, etc)
  * Experience with modern storage and information processing infrastructure a plus: relational databases such as PostgreSQL; new school key/value stores such as Redis or TokyoCabinet; search technologies such as Lucene or ElasticSearch; Hadoop and Pig; Storm or Kafka; column-oriented databases such as Cassandra or HBase; and document-oriented databases such as CouchDB or MongoDB
  * Familiarity with Web architecture technologies such as link relations, semantic markup, microdata and microformats, REST/HATEOAS and a strong grasp of HTTP semantics
  * A relaxed and positive outlook
  * Working with a team of quirky, passionate builders creating next generation tools for media and digital literacy while promoting openness on the Web
  * Contributing to a highly visible open source project and building your open source portfolio
  * Competitive compensation and benefits.

####  How to apply

  * Join our mailing list or IRC channel, become familiar with our roadmap and issues, and contribute!
  * Contact us at[[log in to unmask]](mailto:[log in to unmask]).

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