The selectee is responsible for analyzing publication workflows, some of which
are in XML, and developing software application solutions to
problems. The four primary areas of responsibilities are
(1) Workflow Analysis, (2) Systems Specifications Gathering, (3) Software
Development and Testing (4) Software Training, Configuration Management and
Documentation and performs the following:

Analyzes current workflows of Plant processes to include: 1) actual XML
workflow used in segments of software or 2) following the flow of a
publication and its production jacket throughout the process.

Analyzes current XML Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and/or XML schemas in
order to accomplish necessary changes to publication workflows.

Performs process mapping where none exist and analyzes weaknesses and
repetitions in current established processes.

Develop abstract systems specifications and then use to produce a final
tangible software product.

Uses knowledge of XML workflows to help identify customers' information
systems requirements and analyzes for redundancies and errors.

Determines feasibility of systems interfacing a variety of automated XML data
systems. Designs and conducts analytical studies, cost
benefit analyses or other similar research.

Programs unique solutions to problems based on analysis.
Uses extensive knowledge of XML data translation techniques such as XSLT,
object oriented programming techniques, and event driven programming
techniques to implement systems specification and produce software products to
meet plant wide objectives.

Develops and implements software product release plans.
Identifies project documentation requirements or
procedures. Ensures appropriate product related training
and documentation are developed and made available to software users.

Performs other duties as assigned.

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