Nate, are you planning to charge for use of the 3D printer and what is the charge model?

-- Rue

-- Rue

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This is a draft that will be tweaked and go before our board very soon.
Feedback from the group is greatly appreciated.

Chattanooga Public Library (CPL) is committed to offering community access to new and emerging technologies as part of our public computing services.
 In this age of digital publishing, desktop fabrication, and participatory culture this means the library will offer access to physical and digital tools which users will leverage to create, publish, and distribute their own unique content. CPL applies the same standards to content that users create in the library that we do to materials or media that the library selects and purchases for public access.

It is the goal of the Library to provide a high quality collection of books and media in a variety of formats and languages for all ages that is responsive to the needs and interests of the community and reflective of the diversity of the community. To support an informed public, the collections represent diverse points of view, and may include materials that some members of the public consider to be controversial in nature.
 Likewise, when patrons use library tools as a platform for creative expression, the objects and media they create represent diverse points of view and may also be considered controversial by some members of the public.  The Chattanooga Public Library endorses the principles documented in the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read Statement, Freedom to View Statement, Code of Ethics, and Core Values of Librarianship Statement.  The freedom of creative expression that is granted to patrons when they use library tools to create unique content is an extension of these same principles.

Library users will not be permitted to use public tools to create material or media that are:

   - illegal to own or produce
   - in violation of copyright or patent laws
   - unsafe, harmful or pose immediate threat to the well being of others
   - in violation of location-specific policies, for example tighter
   restrictions might be placed on tools located in a children's area

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> Hello All,
> It looks like we will be getting a 3D printer in the library and it is 
> now my job to write up a policy for its use.  Do any of you have 
> similar policies you would be willing to share?
> Thanks,
> Edward Iglesias

Nate Hill
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