> We've got $800 worth of filament which we expect will last us a long, long
> time.
> Rather than charge for prints, we are trying to create a different type of
> social contract in the space... we are encouraging heavy users to
> contribute back and donate time, expertise, and materials.
> If it sounds idealistic, that is because it is.  But it is working.  We are
> trying to create a different culture in this space than is typical of
> libraries, and so far so good...
> Fingers crossed, I hope it can last!

    I disagree that this culture is different than the typical culture of libraries. We don't, for the most part, charge to lend monographs. So why is it that most do charge for photocopying, et cetera? If it's any comfort, my tiny rural library more than made up for in donations what we let go for free where others feed their patrons to death. Would you rather a .10 per page surcharge 3 or 4 times a year or a $100 from the same person that remembered you letting them use the copier those same 3-4 times for free? (I did have a 10 page threshold, but almost no one topped that.)

    So yes, the freer the better. :D