My 2c,

I like them. Use them if you want to study embedded. Processorwise they're
pitched between a smartphone and an Arduino. They have onboard DSP and
will play 1080 HD video without an issue if you ask nicely. If you'll
pardon the distinction, you can run either as Linux or as Android. Entry
experience seems to me easier than the Raspberry PI.

Potentially useful things to know:

* Not all 5v power adapters are created equal. BB Blacks power over USB
but, if you're using a USB wall wart, your cell phone charger may not do,
even if it says it will.

* HDMI on the Beaglebone Black is not a full-sized HDMI but rather a micro
type D.

* Beaglebone Black is brand new and most Googled info is still original

* Beaglebone Black has no audio output hardware of which I am immediately
aware. I guess you have to rely on audio over USB or HDMI.

* Raspberry PI by the way does not implement OPENGL ES or at least had not
last time I deployed anything; surely that's dated information by now.

Applications I've heard of:

* Front-end to an NAS, streaming media server, Archivematica, e.g.

* Lots of people use them for OpenCV, so think in those terms: I don't
just need an Arduino w/ sensor, I want to run some analysis on my
camera-in signal, on the board.


Al Matthews

Software Developer, Digital Services Unit
Atlanta University Center, Robert W. Woodruff Library
email: [log in to unmask]; office: 1 404 978 2057

On 5/20/13 11:44 AM, "Roy Tennant" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Is anyone working with a BeagleBone Black? [1] Or some other
>Beagleboard? In perhaps a cart-before-the-horse kind of way, I'd love
>to do a project with one but I'm having a hard time thinking of a
>really good application. So I'd be interested to hear about the kinds
>of things folks are doing with these.

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