At the risk of opening up a can of worms, but also at the gain of increased understanding, I'd like to bring to our attention two things regarding minorities in the Code4Lib community.

The first is an article in First Monday -- -- "'Free as in sexist?' Free culture and the gender gap". From the abstract:

  Despite the values of freedom and openness, the free culture
  movement’s gender balance is as skewed (or more so) as that of
  the computing culture from which it arose. Based on the
  collection and analysis of discourse on gender and sexism within
  this movement over a six–year period. I suggest three possible
  causes: (a) some geek identities can be narrow and unappealing;
  (b) open communities are especially susceptible to difficult
  people; and, (c) the ideas of freedom and openness can be used to
  dismiss concerns and rationalize the gender gap as a matter of
  preference and choice.

The article was brought to my attention by Rosalyn Metz. "Thank you."

The second is a cool gender visualization brought to my attention by a colleague here in the Libraries -- Lauren Ajamie. (Again, "Thank you.") It illustrates the percentage of women to men in the publishing of scholarly content. There has got to be an API under there somewhere, but I haven't found it. 

Eric Morgan