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>>> Cambridge Journals encourages new uses for journal data by releasing its API…
> I hacked something together demonstrating how some of JSTOR's Data For Research content could be repurposed (Step #8) --  Fun with computers!?

I learned of an additional bibliographic API the other day, specifically, the API's of the HathiTrust Research Center for searching and data dumping. [1, 2] A few weeks ago, a couple of people (Beth Plale and Yiming Sun) came to visit us here at Notre Dame. They described the Center in more detail. Their implementation -- while just getting started -- is interesting from copyright, bibliographic, and computation viewpoints. For example, it is a perfect example of how software needs to move to the data when the data is too large to move to the software. I blogged about their visit. [3]

[1] query API (based on Solr) -
[2] data API -
[3] blog posting -