We are pleased to announce the release of IR+ 2.2

Major Changes to IR+:

-          Checksum-Checker to automatically check files within the repository periodically

-          Updates for Google scholar indexing

-          Ability to auto share folders and sub folders

-          Ability to see all files you are sharing with a particular user

-          Ability to send collaborators emails if a new file version is added

-          No-Index meta-tags were added to help stop Google from indexing restricted content

-          Made invite URL more secure

-          Added set focus when creating a new personal folder

-          Fixes for tomcat 7 and JSTL tag issues

-          Images are no longer stretched on brows-items.jsp

-          Fixed button image pixel locations

-          Made invite URL more secure

-          Hanging indent added for items faceting

-          Updated to struts 2.3.4

-          Added constraint on ir_user.personal_file to make sure same file cannot be added to more than one location in the file system

-          Removed unused fedora tables from sql script

-          Added invite schema

-          Bug Fixes
Please contact me if you have any questions.

Nathan Sarr
Senior Software Engineer
River Campus Libraries
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY  14627
(585) 275-0692
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