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*Subject:* Cambridge Journals opens API to developers

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*Cambridge Journals encourages new uses
for journal data by releasing its API…*

Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) undergoes three major feature releases each
year, ensuring that it remains on the pulse of technological change. Our
latest development saw this commitment to continued advancement pushed
still further, with our API released in April.

*What is an API?*

An API (Application Programming Interface) is essentially a set of
protocols and instructions for building software applications – a toolkit
for developers which enables them to take online data and create something
with it. From mobile apps, to widgets and web applications, the
developmental opportunities an API creates are many and wide-ranging. By
making the Cambridge Journals API available, developers can freely use
certain data from CJO to create such applications.

The Cambridge Journals API Programme*

The Cambridge Journals API programme is still in beta phase, making only
basic article information available for external development. This trial
period will invite interested third party developers to explore new uses
for Cambridge content, and will open up the potential for new and exciting
ideas that will benefit the academic community.

In line with our commitment to advance learning, knowledge and research
worldwide, we are excited to see just how the Cambridge Journals API
programme will be adopted and implemented.

If you would like more information about this latest venture, please visit
our API blog post<>.You
can stay up to date with information about online publications, features
and functionality from Cambridge University Press by following us on

Kind Regards,

*Eleanor Drage*

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