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I wanted to pass along our announcement, the addition of Amazon Glacier to our DuraCloud offering, since many of you have asked about this option.  We are currently looking for early adopters interested in using Glacier to document and share with the community use cases, best practices and sustainable pricing models.  Amazon has asked us to provide use cases in order to come up with an alternative pricing model for our community.  If you have an interest in working with us in coming up with the use cases ( whether you want to use Glacier locally or through DuraCloud) please email me.  

Michele Kimpton
Chief Executive Officer
DuraSpace organization
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May 2, 2013

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DuraCloud Now Offers Low Cost Glacier Storage!
Secondary storage in Amazon Glacier offers customers more cost effective long-term storage options

Winchester, MA Today the DuraSpace organization announced that DuraCloud, an archiving and preservation service, is now fully integrated with Amazon Glacier (a low-cost storage service). DuraCloud customers can now choose to store and archive their content in Glacier, in addition to Amazon S3, San Diego Supercomputer Cloud, and Rackspace. DuraCloud is the only service that gives users the choice and transparency of where to store their content while providing a suite of services that ensure the content's long term accessibility.

The new annual subscription plans and prices have been posted on the DuraCloud web site:

What is Amazon Glacier:
low-cost storage service
secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup
optimized for data that is infrequently accessed
Key DuraCloud benefits:
automatic synchronization between primary and secondary copy
web access to all copies stored in DuraCloud
simplified pricing
For more information about the DuraCloud and Glacier integration, please plan to attend the "Using the DuraCloud Service to archive content in Glacier" webinar on Thursday, May 16th at 1pm ET. Michele Kimpton, CEO of DuraSpace, Bill Branan, DuraCloud Architect, and Tim Harder, Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services, will discuss the facts about Glacier, how Glacier works as part of the DuraCloud service, and current use cases in government and academia.Registration is required in order to attend the webinar.

Give DuraCloud an instant trial run by signing up for a trial account TODAY ( This is an opportunity for you to find out how cloud storage and services can help you plan for meeting your back-up, preservation, streaming, and collaboration needs now and for the future. DuraCloud is the only "one click to the cloud" managed cloud service that provides you with instant access to multiple locations and providers.

Take advantage of DuraCloud and Amazon Glacier today!

If you have any questions please contact us at [log in to unmask]

Carol Minton Morris
Director of Marketing and Communications
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Skype: carolmintonmorris
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