For our next call, we will have Paul Wheatley, from the SPRUCE Project join us to present and discuss the COPTR project he is developing. His idea for the project is included below. 

Date/Time: May 28 at 2:00 EST.  
Call-in number:  866-469-3239
Participant access code:  21408589

"A key problem of the digital preservation community is the proliferation of information about the subject on site after site after site. If you're looking for help, where do you start? How many sites do you have to go to, before you find what you need? This is exemplified by the information we have created about preservation tools. Everyone has their own list or registry of tools. None of them are comprehensive, or indeed particularly useful. We're not only failing to collaborate, we're actively competing with each other to host this stuff.

COPTR is an attempt to change that situation. The basic concept is to create a new tool registry in an organizationally neutral location that other organizations can buy into and own as a community tools registry. Organizations which participate will contribute their existing tool data and pool it in COPTR. COPTR will then provide a data feed for those organizations (and others) to utilize, exploit, and innovate with as they see fit. These organizations will replace their own registries with COPTR.

I'm interested in presenting this work (and a working demonstrator) to the group for two key reasons:
1) I'd like to get buy in from as many individuals and organizations as possible.
2) I'd like the group's input on the approach and feasibility of COPTR.

More information can be found here: "


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