If you are interested in doing some development, this project description and code may be of interest to you:

ISBN and QR Barcode Scanning Mobile App for Libraries

This article outlines the development of a mobile application for the Ryerson University Library. The application provides for ISBN barcode scanning that results in a lookup of library copies and services for the book scanned, as well as QR code scanning. Two versions of the application were developed, one for iOS and one for Android. The article includes some details on the free packages used for barcode scanning functionality. Source code for the Ryerson iOS and Android applications are freely available, and instructions are provided on customizing the Ryerson application for use in other library environments. Some statistics on the number of downloads of the Ryerson mobile app by users are included.

by Graham McCarthy and Sally Wilson
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Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2013 1:40 PM
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Subject: [CODE4LIB] phone app for barcode-to-textfile?

Hi all,

Does anyone have a phone app (pref. iOS) that will just scan barcodes to a textfile? All the apps I'm finding are shopping oriented or other special uses. I just want to replace our antique barcode scanner that spits out a list of barcodes as a text file.

Anyone have such a thing? Or advice on where to assemble the building blocks to create one?