Hi Dana,

Out of curiosity, how does your crosswalk differ from Project Gutenberg's MARC files?  See, e.g.:


Kevin Ford
Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress 
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> Dana Pearson
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] best way to make MARC files available to anyone
> I have crosswalked the Project Gutenberg RDF/DC metadata to MARC.  I
> would like to make these files available to any library that is
> interested.
> I thought that I would put them on my website via FTP but don't know if
> that is the best way.  Don't have an ftp client myself so was thinking
> that that may be now passť.
> I tried using Google Drive with access available via the link to two
> versions of the files, UTF8 and MARC8.  However, it seems that that is
> not a viable solution.  I can access the files with the URLs provided
> by setting the access to anyone with the URL but doesn't work for some
> of those testing it for me or with the links I have on my webpage..
> I have five folders with files of about 38 MB total.  I have separated
> the ebooks, audio books, juvenile content, miscellaneous and non-Latin
> scripts such as Chinese, Modern Greek.  Most of the content is in the
> ebook folder.
> I would like to make access as easy as possible.
> Google Drive seems to work for me.  Here's the link to my page with the
> links in case you would like to look at the folders.  Works for me but
> not for everyone who's tried it.
> thanks,
> dana
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> Dana Pearson