Out library uses Drupal for both its intranet and website. The university IT department is now in the process of changing it's university wide cms from Apache Lenya to Drupal.

Katie Legere
Systems Coordinator, Queen's University Library
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario

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Regarding how to promote adoption of Drupal in library environments:

Our library is relatively autonomous in relation to our university IT
department, but they still find the need to be involved in making major
decisions like allowing the library to switch to using Drupal as our
framework. Although they are becoming more and more amenable to open source
systems they are still hesitant to go with Drupal due in large part to
security issues.

If our colleagues would be persuaded that a well-maintained Drupal site is
not more likely to be attacked than any other system is I think it would
help others in situations like ours. If there were a magic study extolling
the security virtues of Drupal written with a university IT department in
mind I think this would help some.


On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 3:56 PM, Nina McHale <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Hey, all, apologies for cross posting-
> Chris Evjy (Jeffco Public, Colorado) and I are putting together a
> presentation about Drupal development in libraries for the upcoming
> DrupalCamp Colorado conference. We could use your collective help with the
> following:
> *1. What communication/support/networking venues are out there for Drupal
> developers in libraries? *We know about/have participated in:
> -the drupal4lib mailing list
> -the ALA LITA Drupal Interest Group
> -the Libraries group on
> -the drupalib web site:
> ...did we miss any?
> *2. Does anyone know of a comprehensive, up-to-date list of
> library-specific contributed modules?*
> There's this one:
> ...but it was last updated in March 2012;
> And this one:
> ...which feels incomplete.
> I've made a couple for trainings I've done, but they're out of date now,
> too. :) Thanks in advance!
> *3. Does anyone know of any installation profiles and/or Drupal
> distributions that have been created for libraries,* AND: if you know of
> any, have they been officially contributed back to d.o?
> Also, *4: Chris and I are trying to brainstorm ideas for better
> communication/collaboration regarding library-specific Drupal
> development-any ideas?* Success stories to share, either in
> library/non-profit/other environments? How can we promote
> adoption/use/growth of Drupal in library environments? How could we better
> collaborate to save one another time, and what projects/products does the
> Drupal library community need? (Okay, so that was, like, questions 4-7, but
> anyway.)
> Thanks in advance!
> Nina
> Nina McHale
> @ninermac
> Developer
> Aten Design Group