Hi Dasos,

You may be interested to try J-ISIS. It uses Berkeley DB as key/value NoSQL
database and Lucene for indexing records.

J-ISIS uses the MARC record concepts. Data elements are stored in *fields*,
each of which is assigned a numeric *tag* indicative of its contents. You
may think of the tag as the name of the field as it is known by J-ISIS. The
collection of fields containing all data elements of a given unit of
information is called a *record*.

A field may be optional (i.e. it may be absent in one or more records), it
may contain a single data element, or two or more variable length data
elements. In the latter case the field is said to contain *subfields*, each
of which is identified by a 2-character *subfield delimiter* preceding the
corresponding data element. Furthermore a field may be *repeatable*, i.e.
any given record may contain more than one instance or *occurrence*, of the
You can import/export UNIMARC, MARC21, MarcXML, ISO2709, MODS data with
different encoding. Once data is loaded in the database, you can index the
database, browse, update and search the database. (and much more)

J-ISIS is yet under development but is becoming more mature with the last
24 June 2013 release. The Web version is also under development, you can
read Web-JISIS  document to have an idea.

Hope it can help.

Best wishes,

Jean-Claude Dauphin

On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 11:47 AM, dasos ili <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Could you please give us any suggestions on a data model example regarding
> a MARC record? The goal is to be able to store it in mongodb, in an
> efficient way so as to get results with the appropriate queries.
> thank you in advance

Jean-Claude Dauphin

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