On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 10:20 AM, Collie, Aaron <[log in to unmask]>wrote:
> Am I the only one that feels like it is something worth revisiting?
> I would think given this community's success with backchannels and
> communication, the concept might benefit from some code4lib incubation. Or
> maybe that already happened and there is just not enough interest in a Q&A
> site.

I started participating in the Libraries StackExchange towards the end of
the beta, and was sorry to see it go.  I personally found it most
interesting, at least in principle, as one way of gathering together Q&A
from disparate library software developer and user communities.

Perhaps a broader remit that aimed to include more information management
and information service professionals might have better chance of attaining
StackExchange's activity targets, but it's not a sure thing, given the very
strong mailing list culture that a lot of librarians and archivists are
used to.  To give a concrete example, one question that would deserve an
answer is why would a cataloger use a StackExchange (or a clone thereof)
rather than AUTOCAT?

I have no sense how the StackExchange folks would respond to taking another
bite at the apple.  Certainly there are a number of clones [1] that we
could host, for some C4L-ish definition of the word "we", which wouldn't
require that we meet StackExchange's activity guidelines.



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