On 9 July 2013, Owens, Trevor wrote:

> After my experiences with the Digital Preservation and LIS stack 
> exchanges I am very wary of using them as a platform. I'd agree with 
> others comments that they have far too puritanical and stringent 
> requirements for the kinds of discussion people wanted to have. Beyond 
> that, the kind of activity the stackexchange folks want to see on these 
> boards to meet their needs was a good bit beyond what our communities 
> were going to generate.

Well said.  I was very interested in the LIS SE and asked and answered 
some questions, but the combination of the population not increasing and 
the SE environment not working the way that suits us for our LIS work 
ended up making me drift away.

For all of our general IT questions (programming, databases, system 
adminstration), I'm sure we all use Stack Exchange sites regularly.  It's 
too bad an LIS-centric version can't group all that together with our 
domain-specific focus, but it looks like mailing lists and blogs and such 
still work best.

The whole SE network is fascinating.  The range of subjects and how 
questions are asked and answered is very intriguing.  I wonder what will 
happen to it in five years, and what will replace it.

William Denton
Toronto, Canada