Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has seen an issue with the ILLiad RemoteAuth
module and OpenURL where the remote user header doesn't seem to get
recognized and a session doesn't created successfully.

Here's how the flow is going:

1) User clicks on an OpenURL somewhere
2) User hits our authentication system (CA SIteminder) login apge
3) they log in
4) The open url seems to get parsed
 into fields and the proper form selected
5) The web request goes through, complains it doesn't see an http header
set and no cookie set and displays the content of the Logon2.html
page/logoff page
6) However, the actual address bar is set just fine. If you hit refresh (or
return in the address bar in some browsers) it launches a new session just
fine and auto-fills out the form.

As a workaround we're dong a javascript refresh, which works some of the
time.  (Will be improving that, but would like to just fix the issue)

This might be related to another issue we're seeing where on the initial
login (to main menu) it never redirects to NewAuthRegistration.html or
ChangeUserInformation.html.  If it's a new user, they just get created w/
defaults.  The page always shown is Main Menu. The documentation & support
at OCLC indicate that the application is supposed to be smart enough that
on initial login it'll always either go to the NewAuthRegistration.html or
ChangeUserInformation.html as appropriate.

As a workaround currently we have a landing page that links to the Main
Menu, NewAuthRegistration and ChangeUserInformation and advise users to
register if they haven't or change their info if need be.

The OCLC forums seem on the fritz. Is there any other good places to go
with ILLiad questions. (I've been talking to OCLC Support, thinking more in
terms of community support)