I tend to lurk on code4lib and got a little behind. I'd be interested
in participating in a clone of Stack Exchange, if one existed that
would fit.  I'm willing commit time to help get it going.

What I particularly liked about Stack Exchange was the ability to
upvote answers and see the reputation of people answering and asking
the questions. As others have already pointed out, some listserv
questions gets asked again and again.  Or, a question might have a lot
of answers with various "me too" responses mixed in that makes seeing
the full picture difficult.

What I didn't like about Stack Exchange was the emphasis on only
asking questions that had one true answer. This prevented me from
asking pretty much any question I actually cared about.  It seems to
me that questions with one true answer are the type of questions that
are the easiest to answer by oneself.

Ideally, I'd prefer a site that accepts a broad range of questions but
has excellent filtering options.  So, for instance, my profile could
highlight any questions about the Horizon ILS and demote anything
around readers advisory.

Getting enough people to seed questions and answers seems like it'd
probably be the hardest part. I don't have a good answer for that

Gem Stone-Logan
High Plains Library District