Hi Cindy,

You can *almost* use text to column to split the fields out from the
string. Then you take the max() of the resulting range. *Except* there's a
max of 256 columns.

So you'll need to split the string into parts, perhaps into separate
worksheets. Then do the text to columns in worksheet and put the max of
that work sheet at the end. Then in a final worksheet, take the max of each
max column in each worksheet.

Unfortunately, there is no text to rows function, but you can roll your own
following this scheme(

Either scheme would work....

Just had another idea: 1st open your data in Word, the convert the
field delimiters to returns. Save it as plain text. Import it into Excel
and you'll have all the data in one row. At the bottom of the row, you take
the max of the row.

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> Is there a way to return (in Excel, if possible) the largest 4-digit
> number (by word boundaries) in a string?  I've extracted the 863 fields
> from Millennium for my active periodicals, and want to find the latest year
> in each run.  I'm willing to estimate it by taking the largest 4-digit
> number in the string. I'm doing this in Excel.  Any help?
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