Hi Stuart,

We've received a number of Surface RT tablets which we'll be using in the
Fall. Right now, it's only staff trying them out but eventually students
will use them. We don't have a timeline for migrating our public computers
to Windows 8.

My biggest impression is it's probably wise to wait until Windows 8.1
brings back the Start button before upgrading. The lack of a start button
seriously frustrates users who have grown accustomed to routing all their
actions through it. The touch screen side of the interface would also work
best alongside touch screen monitors, so that's another consideration.

Eric Phetteplace
Emerging Technologies Librarian
Chesapeake College
Wye Mills, MD

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> Hi All
> Just taking a quick poll...Who is using windows 8 in their libraries and
> of those how many use staff, public, both?? And if not why??
> Thanks
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