Thanks, Owen. This is interesting.

In the schemaBibEx [1] group we have for the moment punted on serial 
holdings, in part because we don't have a use case for digging into 
detail in that environment. (And we all know it will be very complicated.)

We're looking at actual library holdings statements [2] and trying to 
imagine how to express those on the web in a way that will expose 
library services. Since is intended to be "simple markup" for 
web pages, it's interesting to think in terms of what services might be 
useful when, for example, a library's holdings are linked to a Wikipedia 
article for a person or subject.  This could extend John Ockerbloom's 
library resources box in Wikipedia.[3]

At the moment we're thinking in terms of location (library and shelf), 
availability (on shelf, checked out, library use only) and services 
(place a hold, download, check out ebook).


On 7/24/13 12:43 AM, Owen Stephens wrote:
> On the holdings front also see the work being done on a holding ontology at (and related mailing list - discussion all in English
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>> Hi Laura:
>> On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 12:36 PM, Laura Krier <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
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>>> The area where I'm most involved right now is in releasing library holdings
>>> metadata openly on the web, in discoverable and re-usable forms. It's
>>> amazing to me that we still don't do this. Imagine the things that could be
>>> created by users and software developers if they had access to information
>>> about which libraries hold which resources.
>> I'm really interested in your efforts on this front, and where this
>> work is taking place, as that's what I'm trying to do as part of my
>> participation in the W3C Schema Bib Extend Community Group at
>> See the thread starting around
>> where we're trying to work out how best to surface library holdings in
>> structured data, with one effort focusing on reusing the
>> "Offer" class. There are many open questions, of course, but one of
>> the end goals (at least for me) is to get the holdings into a place
>> where regular people are most likely to find them: in search results
>> served up by search engines like Google and Bing.
>> If you're not involved in the W3C community group, maybe you should
>> be! And it would be great if you could point out where your work is
>> taking place so that we can combine forces.
>> Dan

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