**Job Summary**  
Harry Winston Inc. is headquartered in New York City, operates 23 retail
salons worldwide, and intends to expand its retail network, both in the US and
internationally. In addition, Harry Winston Inc. has over 180 points of
distribution internationally for its exclusive line of timepieces. This
position is responsible for centralizing, organizing, classifying, scanning
and managing the Harry Winston archives as well as implementation of a system
making the various archives completely searchable through digital media. Once
implemented, the position will maintain the archives and input new
information, as well as use the system to provide output to help achieve
corporate goals.

_The archives consist of:_

  * Design Archives
  * Press Books
  * Press clippings, photographs, articles and interviews pertaining to Harry Winston and Harry Winston, Inc.
  * Retail Replacement Valuations
  * Invoices
  * Job Books
  * Renderings or copied images of created jewelry and all component information, date of manufacture and stock number
  * Component and total cost of each piece and its tag price
  * Stock Books
  * Job number and all of the information included in the Job Book (except an image) along with from whom the components or the piece was purchased, the date of manufacture, date of sale, purchasers last name and invoice number
  * Total cost of the piece
  * Rough diamond purchases and a detailed listing of each diamond cut from the rough
  * Stock Cards
  * Individual card with an image of the piece, a summary of component information, date in stock, a record of where the piece moved for potential sale before being finally sold, purchaser name, date sold and invoice number
  * Tag price for each piece
  * Gemstone Cards
  * Cards including the weight, quality, date of purchase, gemological report number if applicable, a record of where each piece moved for potential sale before being finally sold, purchaser name, date sold and invoice number
**Key Duties Responsibilities and Accountabilities:**  
_Centralize and Organize the Harry Winston Archives_

  * Identify and become familiar with the various Archives
  * Main focus will be the design archives
  * Plan a system of coding the Design Archives to make them fully functional as a reference tool
  * Work with IT and Systems departments to digitize the Design Archives and use a coding system to make them completely searchable
_Manage the Harry Winston Archives_

  * Track new designs and finished pieces of jewelry
  * Track significant Diamonds and Colored Stones
  * Document all Corporate initiatives that are relevant to building a continuous history
  * Provide Archival information as requested by Estate, Design, Marketing, Retail and other departments
**Job Qualifications**

  * College Graduate, Fine or Decorative Arts preferred
  * Proficient in Microsoft Office, Extensis Portfolio and Photoshop
  * 3-5 years experience in museum or luxury retail
  * Ability to conduct research and organize large amounts of disparate information
  * Excellent organizational skills
  * A general knowledge of fine jewelry

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