On 09/07/13 02:37, Anderson, David (NIH/NLM) [E] wrote:
> I'm looking for a lightweight autocomplete application for data entry. Here's what I'd like to be able to do:
> *         Import large controlled vocabularies into the app
> *         Call up the app with a macro wherever I'm entering data
> *         Begin typing in a term from the vocabulary, get a list of suggestions for terms
> *         Select a term from the list and have it paste automatically into my data entry field
> Ideally it would load and suggest terms quickly. I've looked around, but nothing really stands out. Anyone using anything like this?

There's a worked example doing this a couple of ways using wikipedia at:

In both cases note the '' URI. The 'en' 
part of that is a language code, switch it out for whatever natural 
language you're expecting people to type.

If you're working in a bi-lingual or multi-lingual environment, there's 
a category of redirects‎ 
which allow you to autocomplete across languages. The rules around 
redirects only allow such redirects from languages with a direct 
connection to the subject matter. In theory wikidata could be use to 
build something more complete.

Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services