On Jul 25, 2013, at 3:52 PM, Cheryl Kohen wrote:

> Dear Fellow Techs,
> We're looking to create a circulation policy for iPads (gen 4) in the
> Learning Commons, and were wondering about an app that will lock the device
> after a specific amount of time (3-4 hours).  The idea is if a student
> does, in fact, steal the device, they will be locked out of actually
> utilizing it.  Has anyone heard of something like this?

I don't know of a time-sensitive one, but Apple's "Find My iPad" (or iPhone), has an option to remotely lock a device:

I suspect it needs a network connection to send the signal to lock.

I don't know if it'll stop anyone who can jailbreak the device, but it would hopefully stop the person attempting to 'borrow' it long-term.  (and you can track where it is, if it's a device with GPS)