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Gena Chattin
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Earl K. Long Library
University of New Orleans
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Call For Proposals from Undergraduate, Master's and
recently graduated students (May 2011 or later)
"Digital Liaisons: Engaging with Digital Curation Theory and Practice"

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September 16, 2013
ACCEPTANCE NOTIFICATION: by September 27, 2013

The Special Interest Group for Digital Libraries ( of the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) is seeking proposals for an Undergraduate, Master's, and Recently Graduated Students (having graduated May 2011 or later) research program at the ASIS&T 2013 Annual Meeting in Montreal on November 3 - 6, 2013.

This session is intended to provide students with an opportunity to present their work during the main conference on areas of interest relevant to information and knowledge management. The session will also serve as a social meeting point to facilitate networking between students, faculty, and professionals. Note: students do not have to attend the conference in order to qualify. To accommodate students who cannot attend the conference, we are accepting pre-made video presentations and mailed-in posters. All abstracts, presentation media, and posters will be published on the SIG DL website after the conference.

Poster and lightning talk presentation proposals should focus on innovative projects regarding digital curation theory and practice, i.e., use, reuse, reproducibility, and accessibility of digital resources. Proposals can include, but are not limited to, past research, case studies, and current projects on:

  *   Archiving and preservation of web resources for access and use
  *   Cloud storage solutions for digital preservation
  *   Preservation of workflows, code, and data to facilitate research reproducibility
  *   How data curation and management supports digital preservation
  *   Bilingual searching, information access, and metadata
  *   Policies and intellectual property issues in digital preservation
  *   Digital initiatives outside of academic and research environments
  *   International collaborations in digital preservation
  *   Theory and practice in digital library education and training

Who is Eligible
Submissions can be made as a single author or a group of authors, including collaborations between students from different schools. Student chapters are particularly encouraged to submit a poster as a group. Authors do NOT need to be members of ASIS&T however they must pay for the conference registration fee and related expenses if attending in person. Students are encouraged to consult faculty and professional mentors but should not allow them to be a significant contributor to the content. All research is expected to be purely the students' or recent graduates' work and could include coursework, internship experiences, work related experience, and independent interests, including thesis or other capstone projects.

Selection Criteria
Up to 10 posters and 5 lightning talk proposals will be accepted for the panel session. Students should submit abstracts (of no less than 250 words) for the poster and a two-page paper for the lightning talk presentations. For posters, a one-page storyboard or mock-up of the poster may be submitted along with the abstract. Students submitting the two-page paper will use the ASIST short paper template available at Both posters and lightning talk proposals will be selected based on the following criteria: relevance of topics to the SIG DL mission, feasibility of presentation within a compressed format, and originality of research. Students should indicate whether they will be present at the conference and which format they would like to present in, however these responses will not affect the overall selection process.

Poster Format
The posters will be displayed around the room for the entire session, including during the lightning talks. Students who cannot attend the session will be allowed to send in their poster ahead of time or have someone else put it up for them.

Lightning Talks
Lightning talks will consist of 5-minute presentations with no more than 10 PowerPoint/Prezi/etc slides (optional). Presenters could alternatively present a video if they prefer, particularly students participating in absentia. Participants are encouraged to think outside of the box while maintaining formal language and respect for the audience.

Guest Speakers
Dr. Carolyn Hank, Assistant Professor at the School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will provide the keynote remarks. Dr. Elaine Ménard, Assistant Professor at the School of Information Studies, McGill University, will provide the plenary remarks.

The following awards will be given at the session.

  *   $300 for the best paper
  *   $150 for the best poster
  *   $100 for honorable mention paper
  *   $100 for honorable mention poster

Submission and Deadline
Authors are invited to submit proposals by filling out a form at anytime until 11:59 pm EST, September 16, 2013. Selections will be made by a panel of judges. If you have any questions, please email the SIG DL Officers at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.