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The Chronicles in Preservation project ( is
proud to announce the release of the online review edition of the *Guidelines
for Digital Newspaper Preservation Readiness*. This is the first major
deliverable coming forth from this three-year project (2011-2014) funded by
the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to research and document a
series of preservation readiness steps for digital newspaper curators.

*About the Guidelines*
The *Guidelines for Digital Newspaper Preservation Readiness *seek to
address digital preservation standards and digital newspaper technical
guidelines/practices across a spectrum of readiness options. The *Guidelines
*are geared toward improving preservation readiness for both digitized and
born-digital newspaper content. We hope they will be helpful for a wide
range of stakeholder institutions (including commercial news publishers),
particularly traditional memory stewards such as libraries, archives, and
historical societies.

*How to Review*
Interested digital preservation practitioners and experts/curators working
in the area of managing and preserving digital news and newspapers are
encouraged to review and supply online comments at their leisure between
July 22-September 20, 2013. Review comments can be provided via the
CommentPress form in the right sidebar (name and email address are
required). Each page can be individually printed or saved as a PDF for
offline reading (ctrl+ or cmd+ P, Save as PDF).

As the Introduction to the *Guidelines* states:

We need content curators to help us understand what we’ve missed (we know
> there are gaps!) and what we’ve nailed. We want to know where you need more
> guidance and where you need less description. We want you to point us
> towards other resources in the field we may have missed, and above all, we
> want you to engage with us and with each other to make the final *
> Guidelines* as useful as they can possibly be.

*Chronicles in Preservation Partners*
The Chronicles in Preservation project is being led by the Educopia
Institute (host for the MetaArchive Cooperative), along with the San Diego
Supercomputer Center and the libraries of University of North Texas, Penn
State, Virginia Tech, University of Utah, Georgia Tech, Boston College, and
Clemson University.

Thank you,

Matt Schultz
Program Manager
Educopia Institute, MetaArchive Cooperative
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