Here are meeting minutes from last week's meeting (see below and here:,_2013_Meeting_Minutes).

Thanks for all who attended and to Jennie for taking minutes for us!

Much was discussed and a few other things to follow up on, but I wanted to draw your attention to these items right now:

1) SCHEDULING NEXT AND MONTHLY MEETINGS: Please answer our doodle poll to determine upcoming meetings
2) MEMBER PRESENTATIONS: We encourage everyone (that means you!) to sign up for a member presentation -we're trying this out and have a rough outline of what we're interested in hearing about, but welcome other suggestions as to what might be covered in each. Details here:
3) CALENDAR: We started a calendar of sorts on the wiki to record:
-- when our all-hands meetings will be and to enable signup for future member presentations
-- conferences where Birds of a Feather/in-person regional CWG meetings might take place; please feel free to suggest ones that you'll be attending
-- upcoming Content Team meetings: facilitators, please add your upcoming meeting dates/times!
--?? other ideas welcome!
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: If anyone would like to volunteer to help be the "keeper of the calendar" that would be appreciated -- I got it started but would be handy for someone else (or multiple folks) to jump in and help fill in other meetings, and help make sure we have people signed up for the member presentations, etc.



Attendees (15)

 *   Abbie Grotke (Library of Congress)
 *   Cathy Hartman (University of North Texas)
 *   Christie Moffatt (National Library of Medicine)
 *   Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern University)
 *   Jennie Knies (University of Maryland)
 *   Bradley Daigle (University of Virginia)
 *   Gail Truman (Truman Technology)
 *   Mike Ashenfelder (Library of Congress)
 *   Linda Reib (Arizona State Library, Archives)
 *   Chad Garrett (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
 *   Josh Sternfeld (NEH)
 *   Anne Harrison (Library of Congress)
 *   Margie Maes (LIPA)
 *   David Brooks (Library of Congress)
 *   Rachel Wise (Harvard Business School)

What is our purpose/mission?

Understanding content, the issues related to content that we need to be thinking about. Hoping that case studies would outline types/groups of content in order to create strategies and plans of action for preserving content.

Registry of what is being preserved was an early idea, but became complicated.

One challenge is the number of types of content and how this group can divide into subgroups to do the work.

Need to understand what members of the group want from the group.

What are we currently doing?

 *   Content Teams: Case Studies, discussions, selection and appraisal guidance
 *   Blog Posts: well received so far
 *   Web Archiving survey: Planned for Fall 2013 (follow-up to 2011 survey)
 *   Levels of Preservation document: started in the Content Group, now cross-working group project and being used by institutions

What should we focus on moving forward?
Conference calls

How to we encourage productive dialogs in meetings? We discussed switch back to Monthly phone calls. We talked about shifting to more of a discussion series, possible topics:

 *   Content areas in the National Agenda.
 *   How to inventory digital assets
 *   How to place value on content? How to assess and articulate?
 *   So that we can learn more about each other, how about Member Presentations<>
    *   what is your institution doing
    *   what content do you care about?
    *   Challenges and roadblocks
    *   Jennie will set up a Google calendar for the group (add key conferences to the calendar) [after meeting, and some testing, we determined a wiki calendar might be easier to maintain/edit - see Member Presentations<>

Brainstorm Ideas

Diagnostic tool, building a level on top of the levels of preservation/Curator View requirements documentation

 *   Strategy: What kind of user stories are we creating to map to the technical implementation?
 *   Example: Look at format. What is a successful preservation implementation of images. Or audio?
 *   Come up with requirements documents/requirements template for content managers
 *   Levels of Collecting grant example
 *   "Curator view"/Levels for curation

What is "at risk" content?

 *   Identifying through case studies
 *   Examples: News sites, ePrints

How to engage newer members?

 *   Member profiles
 *   Member presentations
 *   Task people with certain activities
 *   Collaborative projects

Content-related awards (like innovation awards)

 *   How to articulate value of content? Important for talking to administrators, technology considerations, etc.
 *   Has someone done something bold to save content?
 *   Researcher/Scholar who uses content in a unique way
 *   Contributions to NDSA by CWG member

Local/Birds of a feather types of meetings

 *   MARAC meetings - Jennie can hold a meeting/gathering
 *   Gatherings at SAA
 *   Organize meetings by state/region
 *   Survey showed interested in these (and a few willing organizers)

Survey of Members

Survey ( is still open and results as of meeting File:SurveySummary 07192013.pdf<> were used to help with our discussion.

Next Meetings

September meeting still needs to be rescheduled. Announcement will go out on list about that and moving back to monthly calls. -End-

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National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program | Library of Congress |<>
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