On 22 August 2013, Brian McBride wrote:

> I am curious what other institutions are using for tracking desk stats? 
> We are evaluating our current solution and wanted to see what what other 
> solutions are available either commercial or open source.

We use LibStats (GPL) at York U:

It appears to be moribund, but it works.  It's pretty bare bones but it's 
easy to enter in what you want.  It generates some reports but not many, 
so I wrote an R script to make a lot of prettier charts.

Springshare's RefStats is similar but looks more up to date and has better 
reports, but it's proprietary and commercial.

It probably doesn't matter too much what program you use so much as how 
you analyze the data and make that part of your thinking about how to make 
the ref desk better (whatever better means for you).  We all enter our ref 
desk work into our system, but it's pretty much a one-way system and 
nothing much happens with the data except for some numbers in annual 

William Denton
Toronto, Canada