I'm writing a chapter about augmented reality and would like to include a 
couple more examples of it in use in libraries and archives.  Are any of 
you using it for something exciting?  I know about SCARLET at U Manchester 
[1] but would love to hear about other work.

I'm especially interested in anyone that's made their own app or otherwise 
gone beyond just popping up POIs in Layar or Junaio or adding an image or 
video overlay to something in print.

While I'm here about AR, the YouTube recording of Geoffrey Alan Rhodes's 
2012 talk "AR on AR: Occupying Virtual Space" is worth a look as an 
interesting way of mixing and discussing the real and the virtual.

And also, if you haven't seen the video showing of Meta's SpaceGlasses 
[3], it's freaky.



William Denton
Toronto, Canada