Bay Area Video Coalition is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a
workshop on FFmpeg geared to archivists in San Francisco on August 22nd.
FFmpeg <> is an open-source command-line software tool
that is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream
audio and video.  See the description below for more details. Please
contact Lauren Sorensen at [log in to unmask] with any questions.

*FFmpeg For Archivists - 8/22*

Audiovisual archiving is based on the application of tools and as
collections evolve technically so do the tools from film benches and
projectors to vectorscopes and time base correctors. Today nearly all
audiovisual media is created digitally. In addition to born-digital
acquisitions archives manage the results of their own digitization efforts.
With increasing urgency there is need for archival adoption and expertise
in tools for handling digital media with the same or greater level of
technical control that could be accomplished with older formats.

FFmpeg is an open solution for analyzing, transcoding, processing, and
altering audiovisual data. Due to its extensive and actively developed
codec library and open license, FFmpeg has been integrated as a crucial
tool into some of the largest video processing institutions. This workshop
will present how FFmpeg is relevant to archivists and the objectives of
digital preservation, and how it can be applied to achieve common tasks.
Participants will learn how to install FFmpeg and use the applications to
perform several tasks including lossless transcoding, technical inspection,
timecode burn-in, compression for web access, and quality control.

*Instructor Bio:*
Dave Rice is an audiovisual archivist and technologist. Dave's work focuses
on independent media as well as open source in audiovisual preservation and
quality control analytics. He has worked as an archivist or archival
consultant at media organizations like CUNY, Democracy Now, the United
Nations, WITNESS, Downtown Community Television, and Bay Area Video
Coalition. Dave is a graduate of the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film

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