Hey folks,

Now that we have a location and a date, the local 2014 planning committee
has been working hard on an overall timeline for conference stuff. It's
only August but we're excited!

But we still need MORE HELP!

We have a great big local planning group between our 4 TRLN institutions
and other NC people, but we really want to include non-NC folks in the
planning process. We want this to be a community event with diverse
participation in the planning process, just like always.

Would you be willing to consider signing up to help with a committee? In
particular, we really need folks who have served previously to help guide
local newbies on the committees. Our biggest areas of need right now are
the Program Committee, the Scholarships Committee, and the Pre-Conference
Committee. But in reality, we are looking pretty learn everywhere (except
the Sponsorships Committee, which is already working hard).

Check out our volunteers page [1]. Sign up. I've included a list of goal
deadlines for each committee on the wiki now, so you can pick the one that
fits your schedule.




Emily Lynema
Associate Department Head
Information Technology, NCSU Libraries
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