If I understand what you're saying, what you need is an EZproxy install configured to authenticate 
against Unified login 
and specific user rights or some other user 
grouping mechanism.

EZproxy is the defacto standard for making paywalled resources avaliable 
to institutional users from off campus. The only downsides are (a) that 
it requires you have full control over DNS because a proxy at would also answer and 
forward to and (b) as a 
proxy, it touches all traffic, stream video and very large PDFs will be 
redirected through the proxy.

Alternatively, there is a slight chance of joining a Shibboleth 
federation but 
that's a big ball of policy that is likely to be incompatible. 
Shibboleth is preferred for streaming because there is no proxying.


On 29/08/13 03:49, Jake Orlowitz wrote:
> Hi folks,
> My name is Jake Orlowitz and I coordinate Wikipedia's open research hub,
> The Wikipedia Library.  Wikimedia Foundation board member Phoebe Ayers
> recommended that I reach out to you to see if we might be able to
> collaborate in some way.
> The Wikipedia Library has several different platforms, several of which
> would benefit from better technical integration.  One of our primary goals
> is to get active, experienced Wikipedia editors access to paywalled sources
> and university libraries.  We have received donations from several
> publishers and interest from several libraries.  The challenge for us is
> managing those partnerships at scale and in a secure fashion.
> We're also working towards more functional research desks, programs that
> let reference librarians field research queries from editors or the public,
> remote 'visiting scholar' or 'research affiliate' positions at
> institutional libraries, University partnerships with online library
> access, open access awareness programs, and other related activities.
> I'd love to talk more about these projects with you, either through email
> or voice chat.
> Best,
> Jake Orlowitz
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