Hi, Eric, I don't have any experience in this field, but I went looking a
while ago when the topic came up, and these two links are in my notes for
further exploration, if the topic ever comes around again:

May they serve you well.

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>What sorts of text mining software do y'all support / use in your
>We here in the Hesburgh Libraries at the University of Notre Dame have
>all but opened a place called the Center For Digital Scholarship. We are
>/ will be providing a number of different services to a number of
>different audiences. These services include but are not necessarily
>limited exactly to:
> * data management consultation
> * data analysis and visualization
> * geographic information systems support
> * text mining investigations
> * referrals to other "centers" across campus
>I am expected to support the text mining investigations. I have
>traditionally used open source tools do to my work. Many of these tools
>require some sort of programming in order to exploit. To some degree I am
>expected mount text mining software on our local Windows and Macintosh
>computers here in our Center. I am familiar with the lists of tools
>available at Bamboo as well as [0, 1] TAPoRware is good
>too, but a bit long in the tooth. [2]
>Do you know of other sets of tools to choose from? Are you familiar with
>SASŪ Text Analytics, STATISTICA Data Miner, or RapidMiner? [3, 4, 5]
>[0] Bamboo Dirt -
>[1] -
>[2] TAPoRware -
>[3] Text Analytics -
>[4] Data Miner -
>[5] RapidMiner -
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