Position Information

Job Requisition # P-1161

Date Opened 8/26/2013

Posting Title Project Manager

Position Type Management, Full Time

Department Media Library and Archives

Classification Type Project Contract

Project Length (in weeks) 52

Department Overview

The Media Library and Archives (MLA) establishes the policies and procedures
for the access, acquisition, intellectual control, and preservation of WGBH's
physical media and digital production and administrative departments.

The MLA also plays a significant role for the Foundation writing, managing and
collaborating with partners on federally funded and foundation funded grant
projects, with a focus on providing better access and technology to the
Foundation and outside entities, as it pertains to the vast collection of
materials in the MLA archives.

Project Overview

The American Archive (AA) initiative is a partnership between WGBH and the
Library of Congress (LOC) foremost, to preserve and make accessible, as much
as possible, the legacy and archives of public media across America. Public
Media is defined as content (TV and radio broadcasts) produced by stations,
individuals and, producers for the American public, often funded by federal
money. The AA initiative will maintain and preserve the 40,000 hours of
digital Public Media materials and the 2.5 million inventory records that were
funded by CPB through prior American Archive grant projects. The first 2 years
of this project will be to oversee the completion of the digitizing project
being performed by an outside digitization vendor and the development of the
Asset Management System (AMS) that is being performed by another outside
technology vendor, as well as managing all project deliverables to the LOC and
WGBH. In addition, the Project Manager will be selecting 5,000 hours of
digital files to be delivered to the outside digitization vendor, and working
closely with stations to make sure that delivery is made on a timely basis.

It will include the migration of the digital preservation files from the
digitization vendor to the LOC and the migration of the AMS system, data and
the proxy files to WGBH. For WGBH, the Project Manager will oversee this
migration and manage the transfer of the system and proxy files, making sure
WGBH is ready to accept the website and able to serve the proxies to the

During this 2 year CPB funded grant period, the Project Manager would:

1) begin outreach to stations to get a sense of how we might make the proxies
accessible to the public, 2) encourage the stations to continue to enhance
their archiving activities,

3) begin to strategize on a fundraising plan to sustain the archive,

4) begin to develop an AA advisory group, and

5) work closely with the LOC to assure the long term sustaining and governance
of the AA is achievable, and

6) include the continued development of PBCore (the metadata
standard/dictionary developed for public media). This will include outreach to
the PBCore community in order to strategize new direction, development and to
coordinate changes across the community.

Position Overview

• Coordinate with the LOC for policy, meetings, strategy, outreach

• Oversee the remaining outside vendor contracts/ projects

• Assure they are on target for meeting all deliverables

• Manage the transfer of the AMS system

• Oversee the establishment of the AMS to ensure it gets up and running with
the associated proxies at WGBH

• Coordinate and select the 5,000 hours of digital files that need to be
included in the collection

• Manage the delivery of born digital files to the digitization vendor on or
before schedule

• Conduct outreach with the stations who participated in the American Archive
Inventory Project

• Reach out to other players in the public media community as we try to grow
the overall collection and build sustainability of the project, well into the

• Provide strategic input to the future planning, policies and direction in
coordination with the LOC project team

• Assist with the development of fundraising and grant opportunities

• Manage the development of PBCore; working with WGBH and others in the

Skills Required

• Knowledge of metadata standards and metadata formats especially - PBCore,
xml, and Premis

• Knowledge of public media - history, culture, etc.

• Knowledge of and experience with digital media - and production workflow

• Organized, able to juggle multiple tasks

• Self motivated and takes initiative and illustrates leadership

• Detail oriented

• Able to work well with others, handle difficult situations and difficult

• Passionate about the public media and archive mission

• Good communication skills both written and verbal

• Knowledge of web based access for video - tools, can work with developers,

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