Diego, you might want to try SERBER (1) is a system that implements the abstract model of ISO 2146:2010 (2). One of the five entities of the ISO: the subclass Parties (persons and organizations), provide a very flexible way of managing data about persons and institutions. The others features (open source, API ...) of course that provide.


Domingo Arroyo-Fernández
General State Authority Libraries
Office of Library Co-ordination
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
Madrid (Spain)
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Asunto: [CODE4LIB] Tools to manage Authority Data

Hi, we looking for a web tool to manage  Authority Data with this general
desirable featrues:
- Web tool
- Open source
- Capabilities to expose web services or document API
- Manage data about persons and institutions

Someone knows or can recommend any tool?

thank in advance :)

Diego Ferreyra