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The ETD Lifecycle Management project ( releases
for public review the draft *Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of
ETDs*. Funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and
led by the University of North Texas, in partnership with the NDLTD and
Educopia Institute, the ETD Lifecycle Management project is promoting best
practices and improving the capacity of academic libraries to preserve ETDs
for future researchers.

*About the ETD Guidance Documents*
Written by ETD program experts from several established and well-respected
academic institutions (see below), the *Guidance Documents* are geared
towards the full range of stakeholders in ETD programs from administrators
to graduate schools to librarians to vendors. As indicated by the Table of
Contents below, the *Guidance Documents* cover a range of curation topics
that span the lifecycle for ETDs.

*Table of Contents*

   1. Guidance Documents for the Lifecycle Management of ETDs
   2. Guidelines for Implementing ETD Programs  Roles & Responsibilities
   3. Guide to Access Levels & Embargoes of ETDs
   4. Briefing on Copyright & Fair Use Issues in ETDs
   5. Guidelines for Collecting Usage Metrics & Demonstrations of Value for
   ETD Programs
   6. Managing the Lifecycle of ETDs: Curatorial Decisions & Practices
   7. Metadata for ETD Lifecycle Management
   8. Guide to ETD Program Planning & Cost Estimation
   9. Guide to Options for ETD Programs

*Review the Guidance Documents*
Interested ETD stakeholders can register to receive a copy of the *Guidance
Documents* at the following website, By
requesting the documents, reviewers are voluntarily agreeing to provide our
project with feedback to help improve the documents. Reviewers may provide
feedback on all of the documents or just the document(s) that prove most
relevant to their areas of interest. Our project staff will follow up with
reviewers individually one month from the date they receive the documents,
and will incorporate their suggestions into the final draft. The review
period will close on December 31st, 2013.

*About the Document Authors & Editors*
The *Guidance Document for Lifecycle Management of ETDs* have been authored
by ETD program experts from the University of North Texas, Virginia Tech,
Rice University, Boston College, Indiana State University, Pennsylvania
State University, and University of Arizona. The documents were edited by
representatives from the Educopia Institute, the MetaArchive Cooperative,
and the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations. Special
thanks to Joan Lippencott from the Coalition for Networked Information
(CNI) for early reviews of the draft documents.

Matt Schultz
Program Manager
Educopia Institute, MetaArchive Cooperative
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