I also did the same thing in PHP using the Yii framework. The nifty charts
use the HighCharts Javascript framework. This was at a previous position.
I am considering doing the same thing at my new job but integrating it
with Drupal as a module, but after looking at Altarama after people talked
about it here, I am going to look into that, too.

Josh Welker

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I did the same, but with Python! Available here:

Allows for customization of what you're tracking. Also open-source. Photos

Stephen Zweibel
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>Not sure if this is what you want.  I developed it for my library,
>using .NET environment.  Take a look at the attached pictures.  Let me
>know if you, or anybody else wants it, or want me to show more screen
>Kelly Zhu
>Web Services Librarian
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>I am curious what other institutions are using for tracking desk stats?
>We are evaluating our current solution and wanted to see what what
>other solutions are available  either commercial or open source.
>Brian McBride
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