Hello, all.  This is perhaps a bit off-topic, but I was wondering how many
of you have a dedicated usability person as part of your development team.
Right now, we have a sort of ad hoc Usability Team, and I'd like to make a
pitch for hiring someone who will have the time and inclination to manage
this effort more effectively.

Anything you'd care to share (on-list or off-) would be welcome.  I'm
especially curious about whether or not this is a full-time responsibility
for someone in your organization or if it's shared with another job
function; if you find this position is working out well or you wish you'd
spent the money on more robots instead; where this person resides in your
org chart; what sort of qualifications you looked for when hiring; etc.



Andrew Darby
Head, Web & Emerging Technologies
University of Miami Libraries