Thanks to the USA's federal government shutdown, the ERIC (Educational
Resources Information Center) database is unavailable. Since I had a copy
of the ERIC data on hand, and have been working on a new discovery layer, I
thought it might be a good idea to make a copy available in case anyone
needed it during the outage and didn't have access to the EBSCOHost copy.
You can find the mirror (of bibliographic data only) at

Biblionarrator is quite new, so if anyone has any feedback on the system, I
would be most interested in hearing it. The code is available at should you want to take a

As of yet the ERIC templates are at best rudimentary, but I think the
essentials are there. If it looks like the shutdown is going to be
prolonged and I'm seeing usage I'll try to add in hooks for link resolvers,
etc. I figure anything is probably an improvement over the's
current 503. If anyone has any changes they'd like to see to the templates
(or any other part of the system), I would, of course, be happy to
integrate pull requests.


Jared Camins-Esakov
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