Virginia Tech's Newman Library and the Center for Digital Research and
Scholarship (CDRS) are seeking qualified candidates for two Systems Engineers
for data initiatives. Incumbents will develop systems that: 1) enable data
integration across distributed and heterogeneous local and external data
sources to maximize data use and reuse in applications, and 2) support digital
preservation strategies and repository systems research, development, and
implementation. Primary responsibilities include leading technical
contributions, such as data architecture design, data integration, system
design and testing, and applications development, implementation,
administration, and support, for data publishing and preservation projects
(initial focus on VIVO and Fedora). Additional responsibilities include
ensuring systems compatibility to meet project/program functionality,
technical, and design specifications, and scheduling objectives; collaborating
with colleagues in the Libraries and at other institutions in delivering
system and web development projects; providing informed IT-related advice for
Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) projects; liaising with
CDRS and Information Technologies and Services (ITS) personnel for planning
and service development; participating in selected cross-Libraries working
groups to improve systems and services; providing training to Libraries
personnel (and library users where appropriate); participating in various
systems engineering projects as a result of developments and changes in
Library services.

Required Qualifications:

Master's degree in computer/information science, management information
systems, or related field, or Bachelor's degree and significant experience
equivalent to an advanced degree. Successful candidates must have: familiarity
with semantic web technologies; knowledge of and experience with: Java and/or
Object Oriented programming in PHP, relational databases (e.g., MySQL), web
applications (e.g., HTTP, CSS, HTML, XML, REST API), software development
methods and tools (e.g., version control, agile programming methodologies,
documentation, and sound security practices); experience with Windows 200x
and/or UNIX/LINUX server environments and related support and maintenance,
thorough understanding of application server (Apache Web) technical
architecture, and familiarity with shell scripting; experience with backups,
caching, role servers, DNS, SMTP/mail relays, SQL query
writing/troubleshooting, SSL certificates, systems design and networking and
security administration; knowledge of authentication mechanisms (local and/or
external) - Active Directory, LDAP, Shibboleth, EZproxy (or similar); ability
to work independently and with initiative to identify and solve problems;
excellent analytical and design skills at multi-product/multi-environment
level; ability to work collaboratively with individuals and groups, both
onsite and remotely; good interpersonal and communications skills; commitment
to service excellence and customer care.

Preferred Qualifications:

Knowledge of and experience with JCR or J2EE; knowledge of Ruby, Solr Indexes,
Semantic Triplestores, and Cloud Infrastructures; experience working with RDF
in practical applications; experience working in a managed programming
environment using one or more of the following: an IDE (e.g. Eclipse), a code
repository (e.g. Redmine, Trac, Subversion, Github), in-code documentation
(e.g. PHPDoc/Javadoc), a bug tracking system (e.g. Mantis); experience with
remote desktop applications; experience with acceptance testing or unit
testing and usability testing; training in a formalized project management
methodology; experience working in academic libraries; experience with digital
repository platforms such as DSpace, Fedora Commons, and EPrints; a proven
record of innovative development for the web; experience of documenting
procedures and systems; experience working in a formal project-managed work
environment; RHCE certification or equivalent.

How to Apply for this Job:

Applications must be submitted online at search posting #
AP0130182. The application package needs to include a resume, cover letter
addressing the candidate's experience with the responsibilities associated
with the position, and the required and preferred qualifications, names of
three (3) references and their contact information.

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