Thanks, Jeff, I will look into that!

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I have been developing a training course for students assistants with Google's course builder which would allow all of the different options you stated.  The course builder is pretty easy to work with and it also allows for embedded video and other resources, I think eventually it will be rolled into the new venture.

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> I'm hoping someone might be aware of an existing out-of-the-box 
> application that would fit the criteria described to me for a type of 
> library tutorial a member of the faculty would like to create.  Here 
> are the details of what he wants, as they were given to me:
> o   User is given a multiple choice question.  His/her answer to that
> question determines to which page/question s/he is next directed.
>   In other words, the decision tree starts out small and expands from 
> a question such as "You have been assigned a term paper in which you 
> need to do research.  Which of the following would be the first thing you would
> do."   Multiple choice options.  Where the user goes next depends on the
> choice. Same deal for the next page on which the user lands.
> o   There is more than one possible end point to the "quiz" and there
> should be the ability to backtrack and try a different route.
> o   The user is to be given points based on his/her selections, resulting
> in a final score at the end.
> o   The results for each student would preferably be logged - sent to the
> faculty via email is fine.
> o   This should be able to be presented as a desktop application in a
> classroom environment, but also possibly available on the web.
> Does anyone know of any application that would fulfill these requirements?
> Thanks for any suggestions!