Very neat.  I couldn't get the 'network diagram' link to work (from  How hard to you think it would be to do stemming before some of the subsequent processing.  The bi-grams "public libraries" and "public library" are usually the same thing.


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> For a limited period of time I am making publicly available a Web-based program called PDF2TXT --
> PDF2TXT extracts the text from an OCRed PDF document and then does some rudimentary "distant reading" against the text in the form of word clouds, readability scores, concordance features, and "maps" (histograms) illustrating where terms appear in a text.
> Here is the idea behind the application:
>  1. In the Libraries I see people scanning, scanning, and
>     scanning. I suppose these people then go home and read the
>     document. They might even print it. These documents are long.
>     Moreover, I'll bet they have multiple documents.
>  2. Text mining requires digitized text, but PDF documents are
>     frequently full of formatting. At the same time, they often
>     have the text underneath. Our scanning software does OCR.
>  3. By extracting the text from PDF documents, I can facilitate
>     a different -- additional -- type of analysis against sets of
>     one or more documents. PDF2TXT is the first step in this
>     process.
> What is really cool is that PDF2TXT works for many of the articles downloadable from the Libraries's article indexes. Search an article index. Download a full text, PDF version of the article. Feed it to PDF2TXT. Get more out of your article.
> PDF2TXT currently has "creeping featuritis" -- meaning that it is growing in weird directions. Your feedback is more than welcome. (I know. The output is ugly.) Also, please be gentle with it because it does not process things the size of the Bible.
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